News – Martin Gore receives Moog Innovation Award at Moogfest 2019

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credit – Chad Wadsworth courtesy of Moogfest

April 26, 2019 – Martin Gore, one of the founders of Depeche Mode was rewarded the Moog Innovation Award during Moogfest 2019 at the Carolina Theatre in Downtown Durham NC. This occurred after his one hour discussion with Mute Records founder, owner and early Depeche Mode manager Daniel Miller.

In receiving the award – a Moog Matriarch that was built today according to Moog CEO Mike Adams, Martin Gore responded “Maybe this is the piece of gear i’m looking for.”  The crowd erupted in laughter and applause.

Gore continues, “You really didn’t need to give me anything. This is such an honor. Its incredible. The electronic music scene and the music scene in general wouldn’t be the same without Robert Moog’s work. It would be a very different scene. I’m very honored to accept this innovation award. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you.”

Past recipients include artists Gary Numan, Devo, Suzanne Ciani, Brian Eno, Bernie Worrell, synth designers like Herb Deutsch, last year’s recipient Bernie Krause, and Thomas Dolby, who will also be performing and presenting this year.

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credit – Chad Wadsworth courtesy of Moogfest


-photos courtesy of Moogfest