Multi-instrumental producer Lomea releases ‘You Are Your Memories’ single – new album out May 31st


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On April 19 (2019), electronic music producer Lomea released his new single ‘You are Your Memories’ via Here & Now Recordings.  If you’re not aware of that check out the upload below.  Its from his second album, “Echoes in Bloom” to be released May 31st(2019).

For those unfamiliar, born on the outskirts of south London, Lomea grew up with dreams of being a drummer and lived that dream out by fashioning a makeshift drum kit from whatever he could find around his home. By the age of ten, young Lomea was able to get classical guitar lessons and further his skill set. However, once the metal bug bit, metal Lomea moved on to electric guitar. While he did not come from a musical family per se, Lomea did grow up around his father’s love for prog rock and his mother’s devotion to Cat Stevens. He says this and the natural environment of his home town helped shape his own musical outlook as well as serve as musical inspiration.

Lomea cites a range of artists who have served as inspiration over the years such as Radiohead, trip-hop artists Massive Attack, the experimental jazz of Jaga Jazzist along with the dream pop/Ambient Sigur Ros.  Lomea shapes his own sound out of fragments best compared to the electronic world Amon Tobin and Matthew Herbert with the minimalistic air of Steve Reich and a touch of Cinematic Orchestra and Alva Noto.

Lomea explains that ‘You are Your Memories’ is “… a techno track, more or less. This album’s Votive (from my debut Narratives), albeit with a much broader, cinematic scope.”

Watch the video below directed by Andy Sowerby.

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