Listen to ‘Rapidgator’ from Manila shoegaze and dream pop duo SCOTT from the new EP “Only the Good Memories” out now


Manila shoegaze and dream pop duo SCOTT recently (April 24, 2019) released their second EP “Only the Good Memories”.  Its the second EP from the duo of Alyster Ballori (guitars/synths/drums and vocals) and Francis Delgado (guitars and vocals).  They formed in 2018 and began playing shows around the capital of the Philippines before releasing music on their Bandcamp site.

According to the bio, this last release was a healing experience.  When asked about it, Alyster Ballori replied,  “I have recently (been) trying to recover from a breakup and have been battling with depression (from it) and making “Only The Good Memories” has been a healing experience for me since the creative process involves me trying to remember different stories about us but taking only the good memories from it.”

Apparently, the future of SCOTT was considered also.

“We were supposed to stop making music and this was originally planned to be our last release. But after receiving great feedback after the release of “Only The Good Memories” we decided to continue what we are doing,” Ballori said.

Perhaps the writer responsible for penning Shoegaze from Southeast Asia for the Filipino music fans should give them a listen.  They’ll realize how wrong they were in their declaration that no Filipino bands are playing the classic shoegaze sound anymore…whatever that really means.

Check out SCOTT’s second EP “Only the Good Memories” and here’s a song from the EP titled ‘Rapidgator’.