Watch new video ‘Infinite Blue’ from London producer and composer Liz Cirelli from the album “Awakening” – out now

credit – Rhodri Jones

London based music artist Liz Cirelli is a versatile of sorts. In addition to her original love of making music – one which started at the age of 11 with artistic ventures spanning genres and mediums to include DJing, producing, composing, writing, and much more – she’s also a creative coach.  Through her website and active online presence, soul-searchers can find a number of motivating resources at their disposal including a monthly podcast, newsletter, and free e-book.  Before that, she had an interesting transition as an investment banker and a yoga instructor – the latter a big help with her current status.

Lately, Cirelli has released a soundtrack for the British independent film “Art is Dead” before releasing her 2018 debut album “Awakening”.  Recently (May 3rd), a new video ‘Infinite Blue (Official Video)’ was released on her youtube page.

Elle Holgate (featured on the song) explains (on Cirelli’s website), “Infinite Blue is about not over thinking things and allowing the ‘now’. It’s about wanting to escape and find a piece of paradise, and those moments when everything is clear and bright and anything feels possible. On a deeper level, it’s also about how ‘wherever you go there you are’ – so meditation and self-work are really the only tickets to paradise out there. The ego wants success and adventure, but the still infinite blue pools within are the only real way out.”

Watch the video below.

As a bonus, here’s the video made prior with Minksi titled ‘Bridgetower (Official Video)’.  According to her, the video was created as part of a trans-Atlantic collaboration, which was initiated by Tom Blood (video creator) “acting on a whim and sending me an email”.

Watch the video below.

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