Modern folk artist Kim Thompsett’s new single ‘Woebetide Hill’ out now – upcoming LP “The Hollows” available May 31st

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Anyone who enjoyed a Loreena McKennitt or Kate Bush song on the airwaves in their lifetime, should know that Kim Thompsett is ramping up her new release “The Hollows”.  It will be available May 31st on Meniscus Hump Records.  Kim Thompsett has been writing songs and performing, both solo and with various bands, for around 20 years….a niche attraction of primarily pagan and traditional folk music fans.  Her music has been most reminiscent of the English folk of the ’70s with a few other genres for good measure.

If reviews are eye openers to you, Thompsett has been called, “A genuine gem in the world of folk music… Clearing wearing her roots on her sleeves, she creates fantastically unique folk compositions in her own right. Thompsett spins a beguiling web… The Big Takeover is under Thompsett’s spell” – Big Takeover Magazine.

An album that took four years to make, expect themes rooted in nature, mysticism and the arcane.  “The Hollows” is the long-awaited follow-up to ‘Songs from the Uglee Meadow’, her debut album, released in 2008. Thompsett earlier released the single ‘Snowbound’, which also appears on the new album.

Fans of her debut album should be pleased that “The Hollows” evokes an archaic atmosphere and nuance of Celtic and medieval times. At the same time, expect a branch out into a more experimental and eclectic idiom with a more diverse range of instrumentation and more sophisticated production.

“I wanted to make an album that was primarily something I would enjoy listening to. If other people like it too, that’s great. Having come to fruition some ten years after the debut album, I wanted to ensure it was a natural progression from the previous work and that the songs were manifested in the fully-developed compositions that only the songwriter can hear during the creative process,” says Thompsett.

Until then listen to her new single ‘Woebetide Hill’ below.  It’s out now.  Details below.

“The Hollows” album will be released via Meniscus Hump Records on May 31, but can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. As of April 30, the ‘Woebetide Hill’ single will also be available across online stores like iTunes and streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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