Liverpool music artist Paul Den Heyer’s debut album “Everything So Far” targeting May 17th release

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credit – Ian Holmes

The word out on the street is the debut album from Liverpool’s Paul Den Heyer will make fans of the Neil Halstead/Mojave 3 camp very happy.

At least that’s what this review says ““Likely the strongest disciple of Slowdive’s Neil Halsted out there, Den Heyer’s first offering is a laxidasical sunray of positive psychedelic-tinged musical essence that wonderfully combines elements of The Verve, Mazzy Star, Red House Painters and The Byrds… shines on with bucolic pop vibe. Unfolds like an unhurried, hazy daydream” – Big Takeover Magazine

The former frontman of the 90s band Fishmonkeyman has created a debut that apparently hints of Mojave 3, Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mazzy Star.   In six days (May 17, 2019), the debut “Everything So Far” will be out for all to listen.

Calling his musical style a ‘Britannica’ of sorts, his music blends British folk songwriting with 60s/70s American psych-pop, drawing on influences from Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Richard Thompson with a token of gesture to Neil Young and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Den Heyer notes that his shoe-gazing 90s background also peeps through in his simple production.

“Everything So Far is a personal collection of songs triggered by a sequence of recent family and friend bereavements and a health scare of my own 5 years ago. Such things (as the members of Spinal Tap in their movie state) give a person ‘too much fucking perspective’ and often put them into an introspective state of mind. This was certainly the case with me and was enough to make me write my first new songs in almost 20 years,” says Paul Den Heyer.

“The songs came thick and fast and effortlessly, unusual for me, and were recorded quickly in between sessions for a Sunstack Jones album I was working on in the summer. Hence, the band feature on the LP heavily as they were good enough and only too happy to help out. Wouldn’t have happened without them!”

And with that, let’s watch a video that Den Heyer uploaded a couple of weeks back.  Titled ‘Passing of the Season’, it’s from the upcoming debut album.  The first sentence of the description says it all – “Someone recently said my album sounded like it was recorded in 1971 and so it got me thinking as to what it might’ve looked like….”.

Paul Den Heyer’s debut album “Everything So Far” will be available May 17th (2019) from A Turntable Friend Records and on all digital formats.

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