Ummagma, Be Forest, SCOTT, Amusement Parks on Fire and more on music show podcast Chill #56

Chill #56 was uploaded earlier this week.  This episode is admittedly more shoegaze and dream pop than the usual with some experimental thrown in.  More details to mention.

Ummagma’s single ‘Caravan’ is from its upcoming album “Caravan” out June 21st.  It will be the first album they’ve released in seven years.  Filipino band SCOTT may have injected some life back into the Southeast Asian shoegaze and dream pop scene with their second EP “Only the Good Memories”.  Be Forest’s current album “Knocturne” is on the list of 2019’s best based on what I’ve gathered.

Also, check out the news and feature items on Submotile and Slowness and Richard James Simpson. All of them with new music on this episode of Chill.  And there’s more.  Check the playlist below.

This is Chill # is the music show podcast of This is Chill and The Daily Chill.  It’s regularly uploaded on  The show specializes in playing chill related music plus ambient, shoegaze, dream pop, lo-fi, chillwave, witch house and other 21st century variations of all of the above.

Chill #56 playlist

Caravan – Ummagma
Stay (Robin Guthrie remix) – Hatchie
Rapidgator – SCOTT
All the New Ends – Amusement Parks on Fire
Rain – HalloweenStabParty
You Nothing – Be Forest
I Couldn’t Be Happier (feat Teardrain) – Richard James Simpson
Snowdrop – After Daylight
Alba – Submotile
Aloft – Rev Rev Rev
Hard Lights – Rows Arc
On Fire (flashing red lights remix) – Steffaloo
Rose – Slowness




feature image credit – Steffie Murphy