Listen to Lomea’s new single ‘Reach’ from the May 31st release “Echoes in Bloom”

A couple of weeks ago UK electronic producer Lomea released his first single ‘You Are Your Memories’ and also announced his debut album would be out May 31st.  Flash forward to now (May 24th), and seven days before his debut album “Echoes in Bloom”, Richard Keyworth’s moniker put out another single titled ‘Reach’.

In describing the song, they write of cascading acoustic guitars flow(ing) in as ‘Reach’ opens (an exhibition of Lomea’s technical guitar ability). A distant bassline creeps in underneath the layers of delicate picking before the track breaks into infectious percussion, textured synths and off-kilter hits attacking from all angles. Near the halfway mark, the track descends into a passage of unrelenting kicks, tribal drums, crisp claps, and glacial synths. It feels like a free-fall through the darkness until we finally emerge into the light, floating on the spacious, cold synths that expand outwards and ease us into a body of silence.

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Listen to ‘Reach’ by Lomea

When speaking about the song, Lomea said, “This came about one afternoon almost accidentally. Originally there was going to be the tuned kick drum playing a ‘melodic’ bass line but I mis-dialed the pitch knob on the synth and it played a note I wasn’t expecting which threw the track onto a different course altogether. After that, all the big reverbed synth stuff came really naturally. There’s a lot packed into a short length with this track, one reason I’m really proud of it.”

Lomea has cited a range of artists that have inspired him over the years, from Jon Hopkins to Steve Reich. Other influences include a virtual playlist of Clark, Trentemøller, Opeth, The Field, The Cinematic Orchestra, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Jaga Jazzist.  Altogether the sounds of alt-rock, trip-hop, dream-pop, techno and ambient stylings permeate and intermix.  This track serves as proof this isn’t mere publicist lip service to them.

Listen to ‘Reach’ below from the forthcoming album “Echoes in Bloom” available May 31st on Here and Now Recordings.

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