Darkwave influenced Unto Ashes released new album “Pretty haunted things” this past weekend

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Last weekend (May 24, 2019), New York-based Unto Ashes released their 11th album “Pretty haunted things” on the Projekt Records label.  It’s their first release of original songs since 2012’s “Burials Foretold”. According to the press release, the new release spans the ages from a dark and medieval flair to modern apocalyptic gothic-folk. Recorded almost entirely in an octagonal Victorian parlor room, bewitched by centuries-old traditions, the songs of reflective solemnity are swathed in dramatic, soaring choruses executed by Ericah Hagle, Michael Laird, and Bret Helm (of Audra).  As is their custom and in their life span of 22 years, Unto Ashes‘ songs are unified in their explorations of love, loss, and life.

Sam (Sam Rosenthal of Projekt Records) adds: “The thing I really love about “Pretty haunted things” is how honest & authentic it sounds. The album creates a mood as if each song was recorded in one take, in a hermetic cabin in the woods, in 1967. It has a natural, timeless, effortless, feeling.” 

Also of note, Unto Ashes recorded two songs from 19th-century authors…one from Emily Bronte (“Fall Leaves Fall”) and Edgar Allan Poe (“Alone”).  They also performed a cover of Gary Numan’s ‘My Dying Machine’, a driving rendition of majestic influences that unite the east.

“Pretty haunted things” is also available in a limited edition 500 CD release.  According to the website, you can order from the Projekt webstore; and in Europe, by ordering from the Projekt European webstore based in Germany.   There’s officially no info on other digital platforms releasing the new album.

In addition, they’ll be debuting their new release in June at Schauspielhaus Leipzig Germany as part of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. It’s their fourth WGT appearance.

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