Watch the video ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ from Phonseca – debut album “Between A Dream” is out now

credit – Sarah Davis

Bristol-based electronic artist Phonseca has been featured quite a couple of times this year (2019) on this blog and also played a couple of times on the Mixcloud episodes since his debut album “Between A Dream” was released earlier this year (February 15, 2019).  His release of ambient/electronica influenced tracks includes a remake of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ and a collaboration with longtime ambient and experimental music artist Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner).

Earlier this month, he released a video single titled ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ which was also played on Chill #51 early this year (2019).  Set in a beach at a time more appropriate for natures actions, it mirrors the minimalist piano origins as it is washed over by cascading synths and overlapping bass line vibes.  The waves strike against each other in the video, coinciding with the rumbling crashes of the drums.  Watch the video below.

source of feature courtesy and shared from press release