Listen to the new single ‘Real Escape’ from NICOLAAS – out now


Another single that was released last Memorial Day weekend (May 24, 2019) was from the Canadian recording artist and producer, NICOLAAS titled ‘Real Escape’.  Its the follow up to his debut single ‘No Stranger Thing’ featuring Lucy Mason released a couple of weeks ago which also spawned a coolly remixed version by Pages and released by Kitsune.

When speaking about his latest single, ‘Real Escape’, NICOLAAS explained “This song really marked a turning point for me in establishing NICOLAAS, before I had even put a name on the project. I had worked on a few ideas with other writers and producers prior to ‘Real Escape’, but this was my first real ‘solo’ NICOLAAS track. The vocals were written and recorded to a different demo I had started writing, but when they came back I had a whole new vision for it. I wanted to explore a blend of styles on this one – funk, house, and hip hop particularly, and this collaboration made that possible. It all came together naturally, and I’m very pleased with the result! I hope you dig it!.”

Expect a track that’s playful, seductive and smells of living that haute couture life.

The single is released by Haven Sounds.  Listen to it below.

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