Watch the video for ‘The Other’ from dark-gazer influenced Solitude in Apathy

Solitude in Apathy

Last weekend (May 25, 2019), the Italian trio newcomers Solitude in Apathy released their first single titled ‘The Other’.  It was recorded at Vipchoyo Sound Factory studios along with Giacomo Salzano of the Italogaze band Stella Diana.

Solitude in Apathy is Santina Vasaturo (vocals, bass), Gennaro Cristiano (guitar) and Diego Niola (drums). The band formed in Naples in 2016, playing live with Stella Diana and Rome in Monochrome before releasing this single.

In describing the song and its process, it was spontaneously composed around a single sentence (“In the other, try to see’) and is about the will to understand the other or oneself. In the video, director Gaetano Massa brings the theme to life.

After listening, “The Other” is an impressive melding of the influences they claim – from shoegaze to darkwave and alternative rock with a hint of gothic….or a pinch?  From the darkness of nowhere, Santina’s lyrics are whispered, chanted before building up to the heavy yet ghostly hook.  No matter how you say it, there is nothing missing.   The foundation has been set.  From here on, don’t expect a la carte, expect it all…well at least for the debut EP expected out later this year.

Watch video below.

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