Tycho releases new single ‘Japan’ from “Weather” album out July 12th

Tycho’s ‘Japan’ single

Earlier today (June 11, 2019), San Francisco based electronic artist Tycho released their second single from their upcoming new album “Weather” titled ‘Japan”.  There are two versions, the main single featuring Saint Sinner’s Hannah Cottrell and an instrumental version.  In discussing the single, Scott Hansen of Tycho said “Similar to ‘Pink & Blue’ the instrumental versions are not just the songs with vocals muted, they are different arrangements with different instrumentation and melodies in place of the vocals. I wanted to explore the idea of approaching songs from two entirely different perspectives.”

A video was also made, with visuals by Charles Bergquist. Hansen said the following about the new video, “I had just returned from spending some time in Hakone, Japan with my wife’s Japanese relatives. I was thinking a lot about the kinds of electronic music instruments I had been using when I first started making music in the late ‘90s. With Japan, I was trying to recapture a part of that sound and combine it with the imagery and experiences from my trip to Hakone. I sent the song to Hannah with nothing more than the title of Japan and she wrote all of the lyrics.”

The post-20th-century amalgamation of pop music, ambient, new age, post-rock, and funk, plus other alternative music sub-genres influences like shoegaze and dream pop, threaded a lovely blanket of atmospherics and created, in a nutshell, a labeled called chillwave – and Tycho’s contributions this decade are one of those that sits perched atop it.

Watch and listen to the single ‘Japan’ below.

“Weather” will be out July 12th on the Mom + Pop Music x Ninja Tune labels.


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