Lomea releases new video for ‘Reach’; new album “Echoes in Bloom” out now

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 16.55.00.png
Lomea – Echoes in Bloom

Electronic artist Lomea released his first album “Echoes in Bloom” recently.  For anyone unfamiliar, fans of Amon Tobin and Matthew Herbert should listen, as well as anyone who likes some atmosphere with their dance.  The bio says it here “Lomea is forging his own sound often pairing 12 string guitar with techno and electronica. His multi-layered, processed, filtered and acoustic guitars coupled with all manner of synths, found sound, field recordings, effects, and electronics, lends itself as much to alternative, post and prog rock as it does dance music with nods to film-score and classical music too.”

In addition, the first single ‘Reach’ was given a video/visual companion, released on June 3rd (2019).  “Echoes in Bloom” was released on May 31, 2019 on the Here and Now Recordings label.

Watch ‘Reach’ with the visuals shared below.

feature written by Ray DeSpinlema, from source shared by press release