Nosaj Thing releases remix of Kazu’s single ‘Salty’ from the Blonde Redhead singer’s debut solo LP

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Photo credit: Eva Michon
Design and typography credit: Gelman

A couple of weeks ago (April 11, 2019), Blonde Redhead lead singer KAZU (Kazu Makino) announced a new solo album to be released later this year (Sept 13, 2019) titled “Adult Baby”.  She also released the first single from the upcoming album titled ‘Salty’, a mixture of minimal ambient, dream pop, and other experimental influences.

Today the track takes on a new remix by electronic artist Nosaj Thing, pushing the pulse without sacrificing the spaciousness of it all.  At times what can be argued as its best parts, like the remnants of looping carnival soundscapes, are thrust to the forefront as visceral as you can get.  Although it clocks in under 3 1/2 mins, the song can play in repeat mode and you wouldn’t notice it ended until probably around 10 minutes.

Listen to the remix below.

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