Shoegaze band We Melt Chocolate debuts self titled LP on June 28th

We Melt Chocolate debuts self-titled full album June 28th

The Italogaze scene continues to flourish with the June 28th release of the debut LP from Florence, Italy’s We Melt Chocolate. While the band was formed in 2014, it wasn’t until 2019 when they released a full album. They only had one self released demo and EP prior.

From their bio, expect a blend of shoegaze full of sonic vibrations, intense and languid like melted chocolate.  From a group of friends active for years in the local music scene (Interzone, Evanicetrip, Scum, Smell of trees, Shades of blue), We Melt Chocolate deliver lilting, noisy shoegaze music, aware of the My Bloody Valentine heritage but also with a nod to bands like Lush and Sugarcubes.

The debut album is due out on June 28th on Annibale Records, the label founded by Luca and Mattia of the psychedelic band Go!Zilla.

Watch the video for the first single ‘Everjoy’ below.

by Ray DeSpinlema, with source shared by press release