News – Mort Garson’s 1976 album “Mother Earth’s Plantasia” to be reissued June 21, 2019

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This upcoming Friday (June 21, 2019), Mort Garson’s 1976 album “Mother Earth’s Plantasia” will be reissued on vinyl.  Already an established composer of pop music (arranging for Doris Day and composing a #1 hit “Our Day Will Come” for Ruby and the Romantics), Mort Garson first encountered inventor Bob Moog and the Moog Synthesizer during the 1967 AES Convention in Los Angeles as Moog was demonstrating his futuristic synthesizer. Garson quickly developed an affinity for the new instrument and its application to his growing interest in avant-garde arrangements. Soon after, Mort Garson purchased his own Moog Synthesizer–one of the first ever made. Over the next decade, Garson used his Moog Synthesizer on countless jingles, television programs, commercials and film scores, including music for the televised 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, and Plantasia, the 1976 album “for plants… and the people who love them.”

Inspired by Garson’s wife’s love of plants and consummate green thumb, Plantasia was the first album on the West Coast recorded entirely on the Moog Synthesizer.

To celebrate the release, Moog Music joined Sacred Bones Records, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Atlas Obscura for a listening party at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this past Tuesday (June 18, 2019), which featured early purchase options and “the unique opportunity to listen to this lost classic in the most fitting of environments: surrounded by lush vegetation inside the Garden’s conservatory.”

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