French-Electronic producer Uppermost and Juani share latest single ‘Pure’!

Uppermost credit to PIERRICK CAMPOY AMADOR

Last week (June 14, 2019), electronic producers Uppermost and Juani released a single they collaborated on titled ‘Pure”.  You can check out the original single by clicking on the ‘Pure’ link.

Click on the Uppermost link for features written about him earlier this year.

As for the 22-year-old Juani, he is influenced by an array of genres, from disco to acid techno, to house. Part of future bass/trap ensemble Bruit Rose (meaning “pink noise”). Juani says of the collaboration with Uppermost: “My idea for this track was to keep it pretty minimalist and let the melody tell the story through the song. After finishing the main idea, I sent it to Uppermost and he added a lot of magic to the track with his well-known signature sound. Working with Uppermost on this track is a huge achievement for me, like a dream coming to reality. I pumped Uppermost’s music in my headphones every single day during high school, and I still cannot believe that we are releasing this track together.”

As of yesterday, another version of the single was uploaded to Youtube.  Since the original version has been seen over 100k times since last week among other reasons,  sharing this new version felt like the best decision.  Watch it below or click on the Uppermost Handcraft link.

And click on the ‘Pure’ link for the original version and the two other remixes.

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