Pyrame releases third single ahead of new EP “A Fine Life”


Fitting this in before his new EP “A Fine Life” is released next Friday, June 28th (2019).  Swiss electronic artist Pyrame (David Naville) infuses a mix of French pop, catchy indietronica beats and a hint of disco…with a vocal touch of hope in the murkiness of the big city process with the new single ‘A Fine Life’.

Released June 8th (2019), it’s the follow up to “Platonic (feat Moon Wave)” and is the third single from the upcoming EP.

According to the bio, filmed throughout Paris and Berlin, the latest release from the artist contemplates the beauty of life, documenting the protagonists’ journey to self-satisfaction. Dappled in soft pink and blue hues, the track’s surface sparkles with pulsing synths and distorted electronic melodies – allowing for personal reflection and introspection.

“’A Fine Life’ acknowledges the gift of life. As such, the right attitude towards our existence should not develop into something intrinsically negative but rather into the contemplation of its very beauty as a whole” David explains. “As a songwriter, I purposely deliver the message into the context of music: ‘Let the ride decide, let the sound pace it all’”. 

The EP “A Fine Life” will be available June 28th from the German label Hifi/Lofi Records.

Watch the video below.

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