Canadian Experimental-Pop artist Kitzl shares ‘Wizard Girls’ from debut album out now – updated with new video

Kitzl live 2 credit Nicholas Cooper.JPG
Kitzl live – credit Nicholas Cooper

From her debut album “40 Moons That We Know Of”,  Canadian ambient pop artist Kitzl recently shared her newest single ‘Wizard Girls”.   The album was released earlier this year (April 25, 2019).

With this album its her debut, driven by influences from the likes of Baths, The Knife, Empress Of, Asgeir, Sigur Rós, M.I.A, Bon Iver, Four Tet, Phosphorescent, SolarSolar, Imogen Heap,  and José González.

In speaking of the single ‘Wizard Girls’ Kitzl explains: “When I made this song I was under pressure to write something new for a really creative, awesome fashion show I had just been asked to perform at.  I had been fighting with a different piece all that week and then a couple of days before the show I scrapped that one and began ‘Wizard Girls’ instead. I frantically produced and performed it with a lot of placeholder lyrics.  It was heavily inspired by the models and designs in the show. I thought we looked like magical alien queens and ambassadors from a Star Trek-meets-Rayman cartoon or something.”

Update – See new official video below.


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