Composer Ivan Teixeria releases new chill and ambient album “Allayer project one”

ALLAYER Project One - Ivan Teixeira HDR19015.jpg

The Heart Dance Records release machine moves on.  To check their future releases visit the Heart Dance Records website at  That said, one of note is from Brazillian composer, producer and all around musician Ivan Teixeira (pronounced E-ven Day-shay-duh).  His release “Allayer project one” was released on May 31st (2019), his first on this label.

The new album was created while he was vacationing with his wife and two daughters in Uraguay.  While the Peter Saville inspired album cover suggests music from the most accessible songs from New Order, for anyone unsure of his music influences, expect his brand of electronic, ambient and chill….an escape from the confines, not a reflection of those around you accompanied with moody throbbing beats…not that there’s anything wrong with that either.

Outside of his projects he’s involved with some of the most successful music artists in South America.  Currently, he is the musical and keyboard director of Wanessa (Camargo), musical director and pianist for vocalist Bruna Caram, and is Brazilian pop singer Luiza Possi‘s keyboard/pianist.

Listen to the single ‘Malvin’ from the new album “Allayer project one” below.

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