Pinero Serene ramping up for “Dark Matter” EP release – watch ‘Take My Soul’

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The UK alternative/dream pop Pinero Serene is ramping up for their debut EP “Dark Matter” with the release of their single ‘Dead Flowers’.  Commenting about the single, “‘Dead Flowers’ is the last in the chain of a four-track EP, which takes you on a journey through personal evolution. It’s about facing the fear of letting go, to make space for a new dimension of existence and perception.”  This follows the video ‘Take My Soul’ released a couple of weeks prior (6/14/2019).

The duo consists of German/Filipino bass player, Cheryl Pinero and UK vocalist, Neeq Serene.  From their bio, Neeq moved to London from Berkshire to pursue a passion for photography and music. She dabbled in spoken word poetry, fascinated by the potency of words, and has since honed her skills to the development of abstract songwriting and production skills. Cheryl began playing bass at age thirteen, and toured around Germany and The Netherlands in her early twenties, eventually settling in London.

The FFO listing of Cocteau Twins and Nirvana can’t be starker, but not necessarily a desperate plea to appeal to a crossover if you consider Steve Albini produced Nirvana sans Kurt Cobain’s screaming.

What was originally dated for release on June 28th, their EP “Dark Matter” will be out July 12th.

Watch the video ‘Take My Soul‘ below or click the link.

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