The Urgent Swing Across the Spectrum – Chill #57

Chill #57 was uploaded to Mixcloud a couple of days ago (6/22/2019).  My apologies for not writing a feature sooner.

After Chill #56 and the show’s primary focus on the heavier end of shoegaze, I thought it was only appropriate to swing the pendulum away from that.  The new episode urgently took a dramatic swing, a trip across the chill spectrum, launching from its mid-tempo bases and gliding towards the ambient floating end.  With this episode, atonement is the goal, to bring the music podcast This is Chill full circle.

Or maybe there will be times some sub-genres will be focused on more than others.  That said, the idea mentioned above is true.  This time.

This episode features artists from labels Heart Dance Records, Spotted Peccary, and Projekt Records.  Also of note, while Bristol electronic artist Phonseca recently released their first video ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, this episode check out the remake of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ concluding the episode Chill #57.

Playlist below.  Click on the link to listen from the Mixcloud page or listen to the player below.

Chill #57
welcome to the flight – ELEON
night procession – Forrest Fang
Rodo – Ivan Teixeria
vacant lights disclose the shadows – Alio Die and Lorenzo Montana
night tides – Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer
remnants of departed days – Owsey
distant waves – Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen
Mesozoic era (first mammals and birds) – Sverre Knut Johansen
ouroboros – Jarguna
ghost in the room – Doug Blair
bizarre love triangle – Phonseca