Norway’s Remington Super 60 releases new single ‘The Highway Again’

Remington Super 60 – credit – Christoffer Schou

Norway’s avant-garde and indie pop music act Remington Super 60 recently (June 28, 2019) released a new single last month titled ‘The Highway Again’.  It’s the newest single in their 21-year existence….primarily consisting of Christoffer Schou & Elisabeth Thorsen plus longtime collaborator Magnus Abelsen.  The group formed in 1998 starting off as a Casio band, but with future releases, Christoffer began to channel his musical heroes Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson, Velvet Underground as well as newer bands such as Stereolab, High Llamas, Cornelius, and Yo La Tengo & Eggstone.

They also covered a Beatles song ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand.’

‘The Highway Again’ will appear on their forthcoming EP out in the fall of 2019.

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