Chill #58 features the Meeting Places, Solitude in Apathy plus new music from Bonobo, Four Tet, and more


With the last episode of Chill (Chill #57), more emphasis was placed on the ambient floating side of chill music. It was a response to the heavier shoegaze end of Chill #56.  With this episode (Chill #58), a new balance has forged!  All hyperbole aside, tracks range from the louder and heavier (The Meeting Places and Become the Sky) to the softer, floating end (Ivan Teixeira) plus many in between.

There’s also new music from Bonobo, Four Tet and Lazarus Moment, plus relatively new releases from Buckle Vogt and Solitude in Apathy.

It’s Chill #58 from This is Chill# – part of This is Chill and the Daily Chill blog and podcast.

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Chill #58

You and I – The Meeting Places
Violent Skies – Become the Sky
Lon Lon – Stumbleine
DOWN [Meshach Gordon (Feat. LollieVox )”A Long Way Down” Slow Edit]-St!ler
Malvin – Ivan Teixeira
The Other – Solitude in Apathy
Linked – Bonobo
Sentient Dream – Lazarus Moment
Teenage Bird Song – Four Tet
Csay Csay – Little People 
Crystalize – Sweeper
Five Ten Fiftyfold – Cocteau Twins
Before You Rise – Bückle ​Vogt