Enoscapes 2 promises more than blanket and pillow gimmick

Nate 11 x 17 enoscapes final

Ambient music has existed for over a hundred years, before most of modern music today. Created by music composer Erik Satie, it originated solely as “furniture music”,  to fill up the crevices of emptiness whether between conversations or the conversation itself.  By the 1960s, ambient figurately shifted to be the focus and by the mid-1970s, former Roxy Music member Brian Eno coined the term “ambient music” in conjunction with the 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports.thus the arguable title of “father of modern ambient music.”

In honor of Brian Eno, on July 13, 2019), Austin, TX’s North Door will host Enoscapes 2, the second installment of what is apparently now a yearly modern ambient music festival.  This year, six sound artists from Austin will perform a multi-media evening of Eno-inspired ambient music and video.

While the event won’t last overnight like a sleep concert, they do encourage to bring pillows and blankets for “this primo, mid-summer, chill-out event.  Expect six 30-minute showcase sets starting at 8:15pm.”

Commenting on the event, Moats Float Aloft‘s Darrel Mayers adds,  “Ambient music is such a dynamic and rich genre… and for this event, from the amazing line-up of artists, we can promise a wide range of sounds – from the beauty of Zen-like meditation music to the swirling clouds of dark ambient.”

And with that it should be safe to say, the pillow and blanket won’t serve as a gimmick for a basic acoustic guitar night.  This reminds me of the City Skies events I used to attend in Atlanta before the turn of last decade, but let me know how the event goes.

Click on the Enoscapes 2 link for the event info and line up and watch the video shared from the inaugural festival below.

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