Toronto based Calcedon releases experimental art pop single “Ice in the Desert”


Today (July 17, 2019), Toronto based Calcedon released a new video for “Ice in the Desert”.   It’s from their current album “Echo In” is the follow up to their single “Cherry Trees”  To the unfamiliar, expect a unique blend of haunting vocals with heavy beats, and chaotic electronics playing out on a hypnotic drone-scape….or electronic experimental art pop.

In a write up describing the video, Calcedon singer/songwriter and violinist Brielle shared the following,

“The video for Ice in the Desert is set in a “techpocalyptic” world; that is, a place that has been devastated by a technologically induced apocalypse. We are becoming increasingly addicted to technologies we know are harmful to us and destructive to the planet that sustains us. These technologies deaden us to reality, lulling us into rote hive-mind behavior, and luring us away from the healing that comes from living deep — in our relationships with other people and with the planet that nourishes our lives. We fiercely defend the systems which protect our destructive way of being in this world and allow our creativity to be bound under the cycles of addiction.

She concludes, “Ice in the Desert is a lament. It is a song of doubt and perhaps even horror. What if our own capacity for change and discomfort is not great enough to soldier through and face the challenges that are ahead? Will we listen to the voices that call out in warning? Will we be hypnotized by our own vices until it is too late?”

Watch it below.

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