Music review – Bleep bloops and dream pops – the collaboration named BÜCKLE VOGT

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Mix the bleep, loops and bloops of Teamforest’s Philipp Bückle (now just Phillipp Bückle)  and the dream pop and Robin Guthrie atmospheres of Heligoland’s Karen Vogt and voila! you have the first release of the collaboration of BÜCKLE VOGT.  While the EP “Before We Rise” was out earlier this year (2/25/2019), it doesn’t mean that it should be discarded because I’m past-due.  The last episode of Chill (Chill #58) added “Before We Rise” to close out the episode.

According to their bio, Philipp Bückle and Karen Vogt first met at a concert in Paris nearly ten years ago. After being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, their paths crossed frequently over the next few years, often playing shows together and meeting up while on tour with their respective bands. Around five years ago, the pair began exchanging song ideas, which formed the basis for this new collaboration.

While this collaboration is by no means remarkable in its uniqueness, I can’t help but think this combination is a winner, like BÜCKLE VOGT was bound for success in the music timelines of both members. Listening to all the tracks, it’s like every influence that could’ve been achieved on their own prior was done here, like one member missing their Simon Raymonde and the other missing their Elizabeth Frasier – figuratively of course.  Or maybe it’s one member wanting her current band to become a Massive Attack album for once.  I have a sense of humor.  I digress.

Well, this turned into a music review.  In conclusion, it’s a good album.  When you feel you’re getting stuck in the murk of it all, it picks up rather well.  “Orange Blue” is a great example of that.  Oh yeah, there’s a review that compares “Layers” to Bowery Electric.  Why didn’t I think of that the first time?

Anyhow EP is released by Editions Furioso.

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