Alaskan Tapes shares first single from the upcoming album “Views From Sixteen Stories”- listen to “The Times Are Tired”

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Last week (July 18, 2019), Canadian ambient artist Alaskan Tapes shared the single and video “The Times are Tired”.  It’s the first from the upcoming fourth album “Views from Sixteen Stories” available from AT Recordings on September 19th.  Previously, Alaskan Tapes teamed up with writer and director Andrew De Zen, for the music video for their 2018 track ‘Places’, which was nominated for the Juno Awards Best Video of The Year in 2019 and was featured on NOWNESS and Boooooooom’s list of the 15 Best Music Videos of 2018.

For those unfamiliar with Alaskan Tapes, anyone that’s a fan of Stars of the Lid, Taylor Deupree, Luke Howard, and Pan-American should listen.  Many of the tracks strike an atmosphere of somewhat realistic isolation, meaning you can actually locate an area for this, whether its a top of a hill of a grassy knoll or a pile up of a subsided snowstorm, both in the coldest empty parts of the north.  With “The Times Are Tired” its no different. Alaskan Tapes even finds a way of borrowing post-rock elements, a chop of an acoustic Close Encounters like guitar riff here and subtle drumming there with some subtle piano chords, and breaking it down to its minimalist form.

Kendall from Alaskan Tapes added the following: “The track was heavily inspired by bands like Tarentel, Pan American, and other older post-rock bands. It’s a style I knew I wanted to explore, and knowing I need to bring drums back into my music was nerve-wracking. I hadn’t had drums be the forefront of a track in a few years since my album ‘We All Speak In Poems’ actually.. with it being the first single, I’m pretty nervous about it. Haha. The name of the track came from a poem by Silvia Plath called ‘The Times Are Tidy’, I often go through poetry books, and stuff like that to get track names and ideas that inspire me.”

Watch the video below.

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