Chill #60 featuring Rev Rev Rev, Verasect and more is available for listening

Chill #60 is uploaded and ready to listen to on  Click on the This is Chill # link and then click on Chill #60 episode and start playing.  I also shared the player below the playlist.  More good news is that the Mixcloud page will soon be a Mixcloud Select page.  The details will be added here and there, so don’t expect a big announcement yet until everything is set.  While most of the episodes will be available to the public, there will be an option to be a monthly member.  Like I said until everything is set, any discussion on updates will be minimized.

Anyhow as for this episode of This is Chill, this one kicks off with a new track from Italian shoegaze and psych influenced Rev Rev Rev, whose new album is due in late September…and this leads to a couple of dream-pop, lo-fi indie and other shoegaze songs including Pia Fraus (picture below) and Fanclub.  Ladytron recently released a remix version of one their new tracks as part of their current tour which will lead to a small number of dates in America.

Pia Fraus Summer 2019 – photo by Joosep Volk

Verasect 1500px.

The second half of the episode begins with producer Kareful remixing a track from Darkwave artist Verasect titled ‘Tragedy’.  Verasect is releasing an EP of remixes next month (Sept 6, 2019) which features Kareful and the late Øfdream.  There’s also a new release of prior remakes and remixes from Sidewalks and Skeletons.  On this episode, we’ll be featuring ‘Last Memory’.  Plus, there’s new music from Aseul, yeule, ELEON plus more.

It’s Chill #60 from This is Chill# – more than a playlist….part of This is Chill and the Daily Chill blog and podcast.    Playlist listed below.

Chill #60

Rev Rev Rev – One Illusion is Very Much Like the Other
Slow Crush – Aurora
Tokyo Shoegazer – Just Alright
Submotile – Summer Sequence
Pia Fraus – – Brutal Truth of the World
Fanclub – Uppercut
Ladytron – Far From Home (Dave the Hustler remix)
Verasect – Tragedy (Kareful Remix)
Sidewalks and Skeletons – Last Memory
The Obsidian – Caprize
ELEON – Carbon Beings
Archer (Official) – City of Soul
Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer – Midnight Mystique
Aseul – Fade Away
yeule – Pixel Affection


UPDATE – I uploaded a Youtube version of Chill #60 that addresses some normalization (volume) issues.  Watch here if Mixcloud for whatever reason isn’t your cup of tea, even though I recommend it should be.