Chill 61 premieres this Thursday night on the Youtube channel

Chill #61 will premiere this Thursday night (8/22/2019) at 1030pm ET on the This is Chill and the Daily Chill YouTube channel.  Usually, the episodes would be first added on the This is Chill Mixcloud channel, but will be added afterward by the weekend, so this will be a so-called exception or special episode.  The show features music from the chill related spectrum, other related sub-genres and 21st-century variations.

This episode will feature new music from ambient artist Steve Roach who is scheduled for a couple of live concerts on the West Coast (USA) starting late August (2019) in Pasadena, CA.  In addition, there’s music from Uppermost who recently remade a new version of his 2014 single ‘True”, while Rude Audio released their new album over the summer. Blvck Ceiling has a new release and a new collaboration.  Alaskan Tapes has been featured a couple of times this past summer and has a new release in September, while Blue Foundation and Sun Glitters collaborated earlier this year.  Also, there’s music from Teebs who was recently added to the Deep Tropic festival and from Swedish producer OCXONE music from the Existence LP…pluse more.

Update – there was a problem with the audio halfway through the episode, but it has since been replaced with this version below.  This shouldn’t affect the Mixcloud release date of 12AM 8/24.

Chill #61 playlist

Repeat Offender – Rude Audio
Riding Through the Streets at Nite – Blvck Ceiling
True (2019 version) – Uppermost
Where the End Begins – Blue Foundation and Sun Glitters
california tears(RΠЯ remix) – keep shelly in athens, RΠЯ remix
Elevator – Bitwvlf w/Blvck Ceiling
the ooda loop(reprise) – pov (miles richmond, peter grenader) featuring steve roach
The Beauty Relentless – Steve Roach
Magnificent Solitude – Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer
Archean Eon (Life Beginning and Photosynthesis) – Sverre Knut Johansen – Precambrian
Atmosphere – O C X O N E
Long Distance – Teebs (feat Gaby Hernandez)
Views From Sixteen Stories – Alaskan Tapes
Shadow – Jessica Bailiff and Annelies Monsere