Mattia Cupelli’s new album “Underneath”- a merging of neo-classical and ambient influences – is out now

Mattia Cupelli 1500px.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, ambient musician Mattia Cuppelli ramped up his preparation for his new full album “Underneath” with the release of ‘Mono No Aware’.  Since then, the album was released early this month (8/8/2019) on the MC Records label.

According to the press release, anyone unfamiliar with him, Cupelli merges neo-classical and ambient sounds with modern minimal electronic music, citing inspiration from Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, Ryuichi Sakamoto. His earlier work embodies elements of soundtrack and modern piano with strong parallels to Tim Hecker or Tangerine Dream. The Italian based producer has been open about his passion for both film and art alongside the musical world, allowing himself to cross the boundaries of the art world and create new territories that he dominates with style and grace.

In commenting about his new album Cupelli said, “This album set a turning point (for me) as (an)electronic artist, I tried to merge my neo-classical genre to the influences from the electronic music world I got these years, to find and recreate myself in music. I find a deep(ly) creative process with electronic music, that in this album finds a place on melodic synth sounds, beating drum patterns and some granular modeling. Some of my old fans will get a “swan song” from my neoclassical period, but for those that will continue supporting me, UNDERNEATH will be a new beginning.”

There’s harmony about the ambient overtones, minimalist piano riffs that range from chorded sensitivity to a sense of energy focused in its staccato, and yet except for the noisy ‘Lost’, never really abandons its soothing source.  Give it a chance.  It will find its way to future This is Chill episodes.

“Underneath” was released August 8th and can be heard on all platforms.

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