Donna Lewis and David Baron team up again for remake of Kate Bush 80s classic

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It was just first week of July (2019) when David Baron and Donna Lewis teamed up for the heartbreaking track “Bad Bad Love”.  Now in time for another holiday weekend in the USA (Labor Day), they released a remake of Kate Bush’s 1985 breakthrough song “Running Up That Hill”.  Expect an emotional outpouring from Lewis, whispered at times, pleading aloud at others, immersed in the string quintet and modular synthesizers of composer David Baron.

Speaking of the track Donna Lewis notes, “David and I wanted to give Running Up That Hill a uniqueness that the song deserves. Starting out with a stark piano vocal performance, David then wrote a string and synth arrangement around the vocals to create a beautiful balance of simplicity and complexity.”

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Baron explains: “‘Running Up That Hill’ has one of the most meaningful lyrics: “There’s so much hate for the ones we love”.  It is a stark reality for many who are in troubled relationships. We just do not understand each other. The string quintet, modular synthesizers,  and vocals morph between sweet and strident, sonorous and dissonant. There is never a true resolution, only a musical ladder that is climbed without ever reaching the top.  You can see the clouds – but you can not touch them. It is in this yearning that a truth is revealed by Kate Bush – it is up to us to try to understand each other.”

Listen below.

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