Alaskan Tapes shares track ‘And, We Disappear’ from upcoming new album

Alaskan Tapes_Landscape 1500px.jpg

Last week (Sept 5th), ambient artist Alaskan Tapes shared his new single, ‘And, We Disappear’ from the upcoming new album “Views From Sixteen Stories” scheduled for release Sept 19th via AT Recordings.

The Canadian project is the brainchild of Brady Kendall, who became a self-taught composer after spending his childhood years playing the drums since the age of 12.  His music would eventually find a place in the spectrum where fans also share a liking for William Baskinski and Eluvium.

Speaking of the track Alaskan Tapes comments, “One of the goals of the album was to have as much french horn on it as possible, I fell in love with the instrument a little while ago after rediscovering Olafur Arnalds track ‘Dalur’ which features his solo piano, as well as the french horn player Þorkell Jóelsson and the Brasstríó Mosfellsdalur. Initially, I was simply going to write a solo piano track with a french horn in a similar style, but then fellow Toronto composer Voga collaborated on the track and we made it something of our own, which turned out to be track 6 on the album, entitled ‘Still’. ‘And, We Disappear’ was conceived relatively quickly after that. I wanted it to be a continuation of ‘Still’, sort of like a Part 2. The only way it seemed to make sense was for it to turn into an ambient piece and end it with the french horn, and that was it. Jay Austin (of Hogtown Brass, a Toronto-Based Chamber Ensemble) played all of the french horn on the album, and did a perfect job, as you can hear.”

Watch the upload below.

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