News – Steve Roach’s new album “Bloom Ascension’ debuts at #5 on Billboard’s New Age Chart

Steve Roach Photo credit: S.E. Yeatt

As per Billboard and reported from various sources, Steve Roach‘s new album “Bloom Ascension” debuted on the Billboard New Age Top 10 charts this week at #5.  Projekt Records who released the new album shared it on their Twitter account.

This comes after the pioneering ambient artist’s return to Los Angeles for the Ambient Church concert the Friday of Labor Day weekend in the United States (Aug 30, 2019).  Roach is also preparing for his Santa Fe, NM appearances later this month (Sept 21 and 22, 2019). He also announced via his Facebook a new event to happen March 28,2020 in Brooklyn, NY.

One of his track’s from the new album is on Chill #61, a part of the This is Chill and Daily Chill blog and podcast.  Listen to it below or click the Chill #61 link.

from various sources