News – Teebs announces first release in five years with new album “Annica” scheduled for Oct 25th on Brainfeeder

Credit: Brent Waterworth

LA-based producer and music artist Teebs announced his new album “Annica” was ready for release this morning (Sept 18, 2019). It’s the first in five years for Mtendere Mandowa the brainchild behind Teebs. The new album will feature collaborations with various artists and will be released October 25, 2019 on the Brainfeeder Label.

On his 5 year hiatus from releasing music, he says: “It feels like it [the music] comes from a different place now. My inspiration to work has changed and my choices with it. I’ve explored more with what tools and instruments I used and tried to be more open to collaboration.”

On his collaborators, Teebs mentions how much admiration he has for them.  For example, of Panda Bear from Animal Collective, who is featured on lead single ‘Studie’ he explains that: “Everything he decides to do is pure gold or fine wine.”  As for Sudan Archives who is featured on ‘Black Dove’, he comments, “She really is a scary genius who deserves the world’s ears and eyes.”

The new album was recorded mostly at home using his Roland SP-404 sampler, Mellotron M4000D synthesizer, seprewa (Ghanaian harp-lute), guitar and laptop – “If you listen closely you might hear my daughter speaking or my wife typing on a laptop on the record,” Teebs says smiling.

As part of the announcement, he also shared his first new single from the new album called ‘Studie(feat. Panda Bear)’.  Listen to it below.

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