Chill #62 is now online! Listen to the episode at the This is Chill page on Mixcloud


It’s probably long overdue (and my apologies), but once again here’s another episode of Chill.  This one is titled Chill #62 (what else would it be named) and it has an abundance of new songs all timing under just one hour.  This episode also includes an introduction to the show.  Let me know what you think.  It seemed like a good idea to change it up from moving directly to the music.

Speaking of which, one of the new songs on Chill #62 is the NICOLAAS remix of Lucy Mason’s ‘Runway’, which Mason is apparently fond of.  Mason commented during the promotion of the single, “I have always loved working alongside Rob (NICOLAAS) and although we’ve never met in person we seem to completely understand each other musically. I am in love with his remix of ‘Runway’ and I’ve always felt so lucky to be able to work together. I’m looking forward to whatever we create next!”

Early this month, Mirza from Arms and Sleepers announced on his Facebook page the release of a ninth Arms and Sleepers album called “Safe Area Earth” with ‘Give Me This’ as the first single (which is on Chill #62).  Its to be released January 2020 on Future Archive Recordings. Arms and Sleepers are also on tour again, recently making an appearance in Atlanta this past September (2019).

December 7, 2019, is still months away but its never too early to announce festivals. Hospital Fest will be at Market Hotel in Brooklyn and Andy Stott will be among the electronic artists performing. Listen to his older track ‘Submission’ on Chill #62.

More new music includes the electronic producer and experimental drummer JBXDR as he released his new EP “Pocketcall” last month (August 23, 2019). This episode will play the title track from the EP.  While promoting the track JBXDR commented: “After I had finished my debut record Wave Talk in a very open, but a time-limited process based on improvisation and live performances, I wanted to take much more time in the lab this time around. Though I obviously wanted to push my own musicality in the making, I mainly strived to capture rather intimate and private perspectives in the music. ‘Pocketcall’  for example is pretty much a hymn to my love life with my partner.. who – by the way, is sampled all over this track.”

Also, Pia Fraus and their record label Seksound shared additional news from the Bandcamp page of their drummer Joosep Volk returning to the band as well as a new single ‘Sweet Sunday Snow’ which you’ll hear on Chill #62 also.

Plus there’s more!  Check out the playlist below, click the player below to listen or click the This is Chill # Mixcloud link to visit the page.


Chill #62 playlist

Buckle/Vogt – layers
Pastel Ghost – 3ndl3ss
Tamaryn – path to love
Pia Fraus – sweet Sunday snow
JBXDR – pocketcall
lucy mason (Nicolaas remix) – runway
andy stott – submission
arms and sleepers – give me this
NICOLAAS and millionyoung – daydream
Tycho and Saint Sinner – pink and blue (rac remix)
Rautu – i feel you
Kim x Vesky – bey
Versaris w kayn – levitate
sakarha – for the anniversary of my death
Lucretia Dalt – tar(Jan Jelinek remix)
elixir – nostalgia

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