Ambient future garage producer Phelian releases new album “Beside You”

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Last week (Sept 17, 2019), ambient future garage producer Phelian released his second album “Beside You” on the Enhanced Music’s Enhanced Chill label.   For those unfamiliar, he’s already collected 20 million combined views and listens via Spotify and Youtube.  If you’re a fan of future garage including artists like 0fdream and Burial and haven’t expanded your collection then have a listen.

According to the press release, “Beside You” is a nine-track emotive musical journey through enigmatic soundscapes and is inspired by the notion of communion at a transcendent level. As we delve deeper into ‘Black Orchid’ the celestial tones of the album come forward, with a soothing bassline rhythmically pulsating in the background, growing stronger as it embraces future garage elements with ambient stylings. The elegant piano occasionally drifting through provides a delicate balance to the piece as a whole.

When speaking of the album, Phelian shares, “’Beside You’ is a personal body of work inspired by the euphoria experienced after attaining a deep devotional union; and the concept of intimacy at a transcendental level. I wrote the album in New Orleans and London, inspired by autumnal beauty and the exultation that affectionate passion can bring. When one finds this embodiment of the abstract, the simplest of things such as a walk through the woods feels like poetry in motion.”

Check it out below.

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