Medicine’s new album of 20th-century cover songs “Scarred For Life” set for release October 4th

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photo by Beatrix Zilinskas

Medicine, the Los Angeles based alternative/shoegaze/noise band who has been together off and on since the early 1990s, is closing in on the Oct 4th release date of their new album “Scarred For Life” on Drawing Room Records.  It’s their first release in five years, which included their 2014 appearance at Austin Psych Fest.  This doesn’t count Brad Laner’s other recordings like Electric Company, etc.  Perhaps a coincidence and a non-sequitur of anniversary proportions, this new release of 20th-century cover songs is also being released 25 years after their most well-known song “Time Baby III” was featured on The Crow soundtrack.  This version of Medicine consists of founder Brad Laner (ex-Savage Republic) and early members Jim Goodall and Annette Zilinskas.

With the first song shared from the new album is their version of Bob Welch’s 1981 radio hit ‘Sentimental Lady’, there’s an assumption the reinterpretations will focus on the late 70s and early 80s American radio hits.  You would be wrong.  While perhaps you can argue covering Frank Zappa, Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young, and the Monkees as perhaps typical and maybe classic rock-friendly considering the first release, there are also covers of songs from Miles Davis, Scritti Politti and even a 1990s track from Codeine.

In all honesty, according to Laner its just more of their feedback-saturated noise experiments since their beginnings in 1991.  With this album of cover songs, its a reinterpretation with a touch of their own ‘wall of sound’ brand.

Update 10/4 – replaced by the Bandcamp with Youtube upload.  Btw album is out now.

“Come listen and hell even purchase this album of covers. Above all else, this album was really just some folk’s attempt to keep sane in the wake of a certain nameless fascist assuming power back in the dark days of 2016. Mind you, we love it, but the song choices have no cohesive theme and although it’s a bit noisy, we’re not trying to be all anything, or whatever,” says Brad Laner

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How about a Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds remake then?

If you forgot what the original version of “Sentimental Lady” by Bob Welch sounds like, listen below.

Perhaps it will return some of you back to those FM radio days…or maybe I’m just projecting.

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