JBXDR releases new video for the single ‘Pocketcall’ from upcoming EP “No 2” available October 18th

JBXDR pocketcall screenshot 3.jpg

Shortly after Jörn Bielfeldt, aka electronic producer and experimental drummer JBXDR‘s single ‘Pocketcall’ was air played on Chill #62, the video for the single was shortly released.  Actually, it was probably released around the same time.

The video was directed by Tristan Eisenbraun, whose work has been featured by the likes of MTV and Viva.

JBXDR gives some insight: “With the video for Pocketcall I tried to redefine my personal relationship with social media and in general my visual representation in the digital world. I strangely often find myself lost in the search for the ‘right’ content, the ‘right’ words or the ‘right’ message that truly reflects my analogue state of mind, process or emotion. I know nowadays many of us get lost in the same struggle. So I decided to push myself to try something new and show the most intimate parts of my personal life – my relationship to my partner, my homes and the daily search to find the balance between life and all my goals, interests and dreams.”

Watch the instrumental hip hop single below.

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