Lapalux new album “Amnioverse” revealed today – available November 8th on Brainfeeder

Press shot by Dan Medhurst

This morning (October 3rd, 2019), English producer Lapalux announced a new album titled “Amnioverse”.  It’s his fourth release and will be available on November 8th from the Brainfeeder label and it’s the first release since 2017’s “Ruinism”.  According to the press release, as much as the overall sound is considered downtempo and ethereal in general, the concept of the album changes from instances of wreckage and destruction to personal snippets from friends, lovers, and ex-partners.

There’s tracks featuring vocalist JFDR(Jófríður Ákadóttir) on two tracks (Thin Air’ and ‘The Lux Quadrant’)and vocalist Lilia on three others (‘Limb To Limb’, ‘Voltaic Acid’ and ‘Momentine’). “For me the real focus was that the whole record flowed,” he says. ”I worked on each song sequentially and wouldn’t stop working on a session until they fitted together and told the story that I wanted to tell.”

unnamed - 2019-10-03T234157.555.jpg
Artwork by Dan Medhurst and Owen Gildersleeve

Inspiration for the album reportedly came from a photograph of James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace installation in Texas.  And it also extends to the album cover itself.  Conceived by Creative Director and photographer Dan Medhurst and Owen Gildersleeve the build stemmed from a vision that Howard imagined: “I initially had an idea of a person, or group of people, in an impossibly large room set in a fog of pink looking into a void symbolic of a womb or amniotic sac,” he says. “We then ran with the idea of making a structure that had a deeper perspective, the ever-decreasing octagon shape that suggests a sort of birth canal into the unknown.”

Check out the single ‘Earth’ from the upcoming album “Amnioverse” below.

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