Ambient producer Soular Order shares new single titled ‘Downfall’ – listen to it here

Soular Order Press Photo 2 BW.JPG

It was just last week when I mentioned the prior single ‘Beholder” from Manchester, England’s Soular Order.  Click the Beholder link above if you haven’t read about it yet. At the same time, Clash Magazine debuted his newest single ‘Downfall’ and here it is to listen if you haven’t had the chance to.

Jon Maynard is the man behind Soular Order, as well as the founder of City By Night Records – an independent record label based in Manchester, hosting the likes of artists such as Alaskan Tapes, Solace, Axel Grassi-Havnen, and Izzard. Maynard’s introduction to music came in the form of a guitar gifted from his grandfather, and after playing in several bands as a youngster, he discovered a passion for producing electronic music. He has a number of releases in his wake, including seven EP’s and 2016’s full-length album Rhythmic Sleep.

If you haven’t figured it out his ‘genre’ of music, check out the tags below to one of his Bandcamp pages.  Speaking with Clash he describes ‘Downfall’ this way, “Downfall is a track in constant progression with generative elements. Starting subtle and building towards a large encompassing ending.”

Click on the link that says Soular Order ‘Downfall’ on Soundcloud, but if you don’t have access to or can’t fit your Soundcloud app to an already memory-filled cell phone you can always watch the  Youtube upload below.

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