Indie Electronic Duo Solstis shares ‘Miss You’ single from upcoming new EP out October 11th

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The Seattle based duo Solstis earlier this week (Oct 1, 2019), released a new single titled ‘Miss You’.  It’s from their upcoming EP “As the Sun Hits” out October 11th on the Lowly Palace label.  Its the follow up to the ‘About You’ single released last month (Sept 20, 2019).  The duo has been around since 2014 and has enjoyed major successes from their viral hit ‘Echoes’ which has led to live events and other special events.

As Solstis moved forward they’ve used their influences of shoegaze and melodic bass to create a sound that can be acknowledged as indie electronic, chillwave, etc. It’s highlighted by warm colors, everyday scenery, and pixelation fans of BlackBird BlackBird, Odeza, Sun Glitters and Slow Magic fans can gather around.  Which brings us to the new single.

Reflecting on ‘Miss You’, Solstis said, “As the second single off our upcoming EP, ‘Miss You’ showcases the more relaxing side of our new style. Rather than trying to create a really energetic feeling, this particular track has a very down to earth feel. We wanted to step away from our tracks always having a “drop” and focus more on creating a floating feeling that carries throughout the song as a whole.”

Listen to it below.

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