Ambient-Electro Classical Producer Tom Ashbrook shares ‘Too Soon’ single – Updated with new video, watch here

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Last week (Sept 26, 2019), Liverpool based Tom Ashbrook shared a new single titled ‘Too Soon’ via The Other Songs.  It’s from his upcoming EP “Sines”.  The ambient electro producer with classical music talent shines here, accentuating his atmospheric personal longings, successfully dialing in his emotions with the piano play before the track immerses itself in an ambient atmosphere reminiscent of backmasking reflection.  It encompasses the combination of influences he’s known for.

Speaking of the track Ashbrook comments, “Too Soon is about remembrance, a personal experience with a family friends son tragically drowning at age 3. The idea of someone being taken too soon and not having the chance to live out their lives. The tape recording and fluttering nature of the piano is to imitate the beauty of water and I suppose how it makes up so much of us. At the same time, it can also tragically take lives. ‘Too Soon’ is mainly about remembering people and marking that time of losing someone.”

Update – on Oct 17, 2019, a video for ‘Too Soon’ was released.  Watch it below.


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