KIDSØ releases new single ‘Sparkle’ from upcoming 2020 full release “Childhood” listen to it here

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Last Friday (October 11, 2019), Munich based electronic duo KIDSØ released their latest single ‘Sparkle’ which includes a remix by UK producer The Mountain Howl.  It’s from their upcoming new album “Childhood” to be released March 2020 from the Springstoff label.  Expect layers of warm pads and ghost-like voices driven by percussion-like rhythms while not headbanging, it is definitely not floating ambiance either.  The Mountain Howl remix actually subdues any beats much further.  It’s vibe quickly reminds me of Massive Attack/Gui Boratto/Paradise Circus recordings, just velvet-like all around even when driving you to dance.

Listen to it below.


And like I wrote earlier, the Mountain Howl remix subdues the smooth percussive even further.

Speaking of the track KIDSØ remark: “We see ‘Sparkle’ like a rollercoaster between a drifting bass and drum lines, and fragile vocals and piano elements. This contradiction is what makes the track so unique for us and why we chose this track as the very first single of our album.”

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