Ambient music artist Drifting in Silence releases new album “Away” out now – Updated with a new video for track ‘Metamorphosis’ added


Last Friday (Oct 25, 2019), North Carolina based Drifting in Silence released a new album titled “Away”.  It’s another in a long and prolific journey for the ambient music artist who has been recording since 2006.  Expect the return of the artist’s signature pure tones and bold minimalism with a shroud of mystery.  The album was assisted by Rafael Anton Irisarri (Grouper, Biosphere, Julianna Barwick) and of course Derrick Stembridge, the sole member of Drifting In Silence.

“Away” is being released by Labile Records.  Click on the “Away” link to purchase the album.

Update – Drifting in Silence shared a new video from the album “Away”.  Watch the transformative visions of ‘Metamorphosis’.

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