Happy Halloween: Funeral Pop Duo MXMS Drop Official Music Video For ‘Death Row’ – watch it here

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 3.43.45 PM.png

Just in time for Halloween, MXMS released a video for the new single “Death Row”.  It was debuted earlier this week (Oct 28, 2019) by the horror site Dread Central.  Also known as Me and My Shadow, the duo comprises of singer, Ariel Levitan, and multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Dawson, this time spreading their dark analog sounds over a grittier beat.

On ‘Death Row,’ Levitan adds: “The song is about a crazy young female drug addict who has no fear of death, and runs wild and free in the madness of her self-created delusional world. It’s brutal and fun at the same time. I always wanted to write a song about being on death row and being comfortable with that, although not in the sense of being literally convicted of a crime. I mean the state of being imprisoned to die in your mind.  ‘Death Row’ moves through various forms of addiction and eventually leads to the feeling of just saying: fuck it lets fly to die.”

Watch the video below.  Also click the link for their song in honor of World Mental Health Day for the video ‘What’s my Name’.

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