Blackbird Blackbird shares new single ‘Myself’ from upcoming album out Nov 15th and announces US tour dates

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LA-based producer Blackbird Blackbird released his newest single ‘Myself’ late last month (Oct 25, 2019) via his own imprint Blackbird Blackbird Records. The track is lifted from his upcoming album “Hearts”, slated for release on 15 November.  Consisting of Mikey Maramag, he has been releasing music as Blackbird Blackbird (named after the Beatles song ‘Blackbird.’) since the start of the decade.  Beginning in the chillwave spectrum, Maramag has released lovely tracks of groove and ambiance that have expanded into synthwave territories over the years.

With this track, it’s no different as Blackbird channels his influences as a kid raised on music from the Cocteau Twins to New Order.  The crooning vocals and sublime new wave ambiance of ‘Myself’ bespeak Mikey’s love of 1980s music. “That’s me channeling Morrisey or Robert Smith,” he says.

In addition, he also comments: “It’s a self-deprecating darkwave song about me coming to terms with my faults and shortcomings to help people understand why I can be an asshole,” he says, laughing good-naturedly.

Listening to the track repeatedly, you may find yourself laughing internally while hooked lined and sinker-ed to the chorus.  It’s a fun misery.

Listen to the new track below.

In addition, Blackbird Blackbird is touring a couple of cities as of now, but visit his site because if he tours frequently like earlier this decade, there’s a possibility he will show up in your city.

Upcoming Live Dates:

8 November – Zone One at Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY
23 November  – Neck of the Woods, SF (San Francisco)
24 January – Roxy, LA (Los Angeles)
31 Jan  – Cervantes & Other’s Side (Balloon Pop) w/EMANCIPATOR, Denver, CO
1 February  – Empire Control Room – Full Venue (Balloon Pop) w/EMANCIPATOR, Austin, TX

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