Chill #63 with music from Steve Roach and Black Tape For a Blue Girl – playlist also includes music artists with modern classical and piano styles

Apologies for the delay with the feature, but never too late to write one.  Chill #63 from the This is Chill and The Daily Chill blog and podcast shifts its focus to ambient and modern classical and piano music, plus the usual blend of music you expect when listening to This is Chill.

One such artist is the ambient artist Steve Roach, who has been playing a couple of live shows since the end of summer.  On the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd, he will be performing at All Souls Procession in Tuscon, AZ.  Click this link if you want to hear the streaming version.  Check out the video below by Steve Roach, a montage of studio footage for the ambient synth track ‘Synesthete’.

lisa pressman.jpg


Keyboardist and composer Lisa Pressman from Opus Fromus has received supportive reviews from Artisan Reviews, New Age Music Guide and Aural Awakenings as we feature the track ‘Still Small Voice’.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl re-released their album “Ashes in the Brittle Air” in remastered version 30 years after its debut along with a successful Kickstarter campaign. In this episode, we include the remastered version of ‘The Scar of a Poet’.

The rest of the playlist for This is Chill #63 is below.

I’m Coming Home (remix)-Nicholas Gunn feat. Alina Renae
Synesthete – Steve Roach
The Time Before Kemet – Ben Carroll
the Scar of a poet – Black Tape For a Blue Girl
In Their Honor – William St Hugh
Still Small Voice – Opus Fromus
Last One Home – Holland Phillips
Parhelion – Drum and Lace
Wing’s Of Love – Peter Kater
On a Cloudy Day – David M. Edwards
Too Soon – Tom Ashbrook
Now – Pam Asberry
People Of No Concern – David Baron feat Lettie and Madeline