Composer and producer Hior Chronik’s new album “Blind Heaven” is out today, watch the video premiere for ‘Words Are Gone’ Feat. Hania Rani


Today(November 8, 2019) is the release date for Greek composer and producer Hior Chronik’s new album “Blind Heaven”.    Although its the follow up to 2018’s “Descent”, in terms of sheer dark and a cinematic atmosphere, it’s arguably the sequel to 2017’s “Out of the Dusk”, a collection of sound landscape synthesizers, electronics, strings, woodwinds, and minimalist piano deliveries.  It’s now out on the 7K label.

“The meaning of everything I do is to share with people something that maybe they will need to listen to and to make them feel more emotional in their life,” he explains.  “This album is another part of me. It’s my personal demonstration and voice against everything that hurts nature and weak people.”

Hior Chronik has been recording music for the better part of this decade with his most popular track, the ambient piano of wistfulness ‘In the Morning I’ll Be With You’ garnering over 24 million plays on Spotify.

In addition, Chronik also released another new video which This is Chill and the Daily Chill are happy to premiere below.  Its titled ‘Words Are Gone’ featuring pianist Hania Rani.  Listen to Rani’s piano arrangements accentuate the otherwise minimalist ambient piano soundscapes scattered by Chronik, without losing its ability to invoke pensiveness.  It’s the follow up to another video -Blanket (Feat. Masayoshi Fujita) – debuted a couple of days beforehand.

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